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Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is a variant of business insurance, essentially an older version of general liability insurance. This type of insurance assists in covering liability claims against your small business from the general public, including customers, delivery personnel, or visitors. Though similar, general liability insurance usually provides more extensive coverage. It's worth noting that many insurance companies now suggest business owners opt for a commercial general liability insurance plan, as public liability insurance is less commonly offered

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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Bear in mind that general liability insurance encompasses the coverage provided by public liability insurance and extends to additional protections. Additionally, certain businesses may require you to furnish a certificate of insurance (COI) as evidence of having the appropriate coverage before entering into agreements with you. You can obtain a COI conveniently through our online system at any time.

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With a history spanning over 200 years and a track record of assisting over 1 million small business owners, we possess the expertise to understand and address the distinctive requirements of your business. Our aim is to assist you in securing the most suitable liability insurance coverage tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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At what point is public liability coverage necessary?

Any business engaging with clients, customers, and the public should contemplate the acquisition of public liability insurance, now commonly referred to as general liability insurance. In instances where a client experiences a slip-and-fall injury on your premises or if you or your employee causes damage to a customer's property, the resulting medical bills, repair expenses, or potential legal actions could pose a financial burden. Public liability insurance serves to mitigate the financial impact on your business.

This coverage is particularly crucial for businesses regularly interacting with the public, whether at their own premises, a client's establishment, or a residential setting. Musicians and entertainers performing in front of audiences also find public liability coverage essential.


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